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Company Profile

At M&M Information Technologies we provide honest, professional, reliable and cost effective IT solutions. Our clients range from individuals with single laptops, through to large corporate businesses with multi-office servers, wide area networks and multiple sites including international operations.

Whether you need a fully outsourced IT department or support for your IT manager, we can help by covering staffing or technical shortfalls. We pride ourselves on the high level of support and assistance that we give to our customers.

We were established in 2001 and are part of the highly successful M&M Group. In April 2013 we merged with another successful local IT company, Codesnap Limited which was owned and run by James Gilliver. This expanded our ability to offer our high quality service to an even greater range of businesses.

Our aim is to be a technology partner for you and your business. We take time to understand IT problems from our customers’ perspective. Our business is built on the quality of service we provide and is reflected in the high contract renewal rate we achieve.

As well as supporting and maintaining existing IT systems, we supply and install servers, networks, e-mail systems and a wide variety of other computer hardware, software and peripherals. We are confident in our ability to support clients with the installation and maintenance of complex systems, including multiple server environments and wide area networking solutions.

Our packages include everything that you need and will always include our fast response, high levels of technical expertise and our decades of experience. To assist you in your decision making process, we are happy to provide a half day audit of your IT and networking systems free of charge and with no obligation.