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Support & Maintenance

In the last few years more than half of all businesses experienced an unforeseen disruption with their IT systems which caused them to be closed for more than a day. Furthermore, 40% of businesses that have experienced a critical IT failure go out of business within a year.

The key to a reliable and fault free IT system is to monitor the system’s performance and proactively address issues before they become problems. Our support and maintenance packages help you to minimise the risk of disruption by preventing issues from occurring and by catching problems before they become performance critical.

In addition to monitoring and maintenance we can assist your business by making changes to your systems as and when you need them. This can include jobs such as modifying your system to reflect staff changes, installing software updates or installing new pieces of equipment all as part of our fixed cost monthly fee.

We know that the specifics of your IT support package will be unique to you and your business. Our most popular features include:

• Remote server & network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Helpdesk facility available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
• Remote diagnostics & support
• Contracted 8 hour call out for standard equipment
• Contracted 4 hour call out for critical equipment (target 1 hour)
• Pro-active visits
• Virus, spyware & spam removal
• Preferential hourly rate for contract customers
• Includes operating systems and standard ‘Office’ software

We offer a free, no obligation network health check, which will give you an overview of your network’s current status and allow us to give you an accurate quotation for a support contract.