noun [c] /kәn’sʌl.tᵊ (DESCRIPTION)
A. a company that gives advice on a particular subject
B. the activity of giving advice on a particular subject


The technology available to businesses is increasing in range and complexity. When the time comes to modernise your current system we can make the process easier and more cost effective.

It is estimated that nearly 20% of PCs are still running Windows XP even though Microsoft withdrew support in April 2014. Companies running Windows Server 2003 are also at the end of the Microsoft support period. These technologies will therefore become increasing unstable and unsafe as time progresses.

But where should you start with your system upgrade? There are so many aspects to consider. Do you need hardware improvements? Which operating system and software packages are best suited to your needs, both now and in the future? Is your network secure? What back-up facilities do you need?

Our IT Consultants are on hand to help you make informed decisions. From designing and installing a small office network to connecting multiple offices at different locations, we have the expertise to help. We work with you to tailor a solution that meets your expectations and budget. We offer:

• Expert advice
• Project management
• Single site networking
• Multi-site networking
• Hardware specification
• Product specification
• Software specification

We take great care to ensure that our clients understand exactly what our solutions entail. We make every effort to communicate with as little jargon as possible. If you have an IT Manager, we’re more than happy to go into as much technical detail with them as they require.