noun /’prod.ʌkt/ (DESCRIPTION)
something that is made to be sold, usually something
that is produced by an industrial process


We can supply your business with a wide range of IT products including PCs, laptops and software. Because we are not tied to a single manufacturer, we can source a wide variety of products and services at very competitive prices.

Keeping your customer data safe and secure is increasingly important. Fines of over £200,000 have been levied on companies that have failed in their responsibility to protect their customers’ privacy. We can help with a range of secure storage and back-up solutions coupled with up to date virus and malware prevention software. Whether you need a single printer or a suite of servers, we can help. We supply:

• Servers
• Workstations
• Laptops
• Printers
• Routers, firewalls and security appliances
• Network security devices
• Unified communications
• Broadband & communication lines
• Operating systems
• Microsoft Office solutions
• Backup and disaster recovery solutions
• Anti-virus, spam & spyware protection
• Bespoke desktop and tablet programming
• Web & email hosting
• Off-site and on-line backup