noun [c] /net.w:k/ (DESCRIPTION)
A. a large system consisting of many similar parts that are connected together to allow movement or communication between or along the parts,
or between the parts, or between the parts anda control centre

B. a number of computers that are connected together so that they can share information

Network Installations

Reliable connectivity is the modern day business essential. Your computers, tablets, printers and other devices all need to be able to connect to your network seamlessly and safely. A large part of having a stable and secure network comes from having a good quality installation.

We have a high level of expertise and decades of experience of installing and maintaining networks for our clients. Whether you need a complete cabling system or a single add-on product, we can help. That includes the installation of multi-site networks, servers, routers, VPN links and e-mail services.

All of our network installations begin with a consultation period to define the best solution and establish the products required to create it. We have been specifying systems for our clients for many years and are ideally placed to carefully guide you through the myriad of available options. We are not tied to a single manufacturer and so our proposal will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you already have a specification drawn up for your installation, then we can work with that too.

We keep up to date with emerging technologies and the latest products so that when we advise you it is always from a position of knowledge. We will always recommend proven technologies to our customers to ensure that your business continuity is as reliable as we can make it.

We want you to get the best possible return on your investment and will ensure that the products we specify are right for your business. All equipment and software is configured and tested by us prior to installation. We offer:

• Full site surveys & fully specified bespoke solutions
• Supply of all hardware, operating systems and other software
• Project management
• Network & telephone cabling Installations
• Software supply